"Ultimately, we're all dead men.
Sadly, we cannot choose how but,
what we can decide is
 how we meet that end,
in order that we are remembered,
as men"

'proximo, gladiator 2000'
On daily base we are somehow, often without realising it influenced in modern lifes by the ancient Romans. In movies, games, books we see and read about gladiators and the 'glory' inside the coliseum. However we practice eastern martial arts yet even denying the fact that once we had a very practical and useful martial art ourselves.

This year we have opened up our the door of our ludus for subscriptions for people wanting to learn this ancient martial art and specialize in a weapon branche and why not? Perhaps become favorite of the arena. Instructors of the Familia Gladiatvra will guide you trough ancient combat techniques aswell as explaining about the life as a gladiator.

Later on, when you have mastered some skills you can participate into various demonstrations, encampments and shows. URI VINCIRI VERBERARI FERROQUE NECARI or the oath of the gladiator was a dreadful oath for a man to shout out back then, now it's your ticket to discovering you inner self and make a statue of marble from a grey rock.

Invictus - gladiator - Lanista

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