We are a professional gladiatorial school who recreate gladiatorial combat during the 1st and 2th centuries AD. We are a team that study and try to recreate the ancient roman martial arts as close possible. Pugilatus, Pankratio and the gladiatura. During the trainings we use materials used 2000 years ago meaning: dead lifting stone urns, throwing stones, kick against pillars, practice on wooden poles, endurance training etc.

That is off course not the only thing we offer. 
If requested we can provide a complete travelling roman gladiatorial encampment complete with arena and armoury fully bursting out with gladiator equipment. We do not only show arena-rituals, duels but we also display the trainings and life of the gladiator and phylosopy.

If you think about joining us remember that we have a spot for all ages starting from 18. You can be whatever you want, gladiator-medic, arena priest, merchant,... though our main focus goes to the gladiators themselves. And remember if you sign up for the Pugilatio or gladiatura keep in mind that you are doing a real martial arts. We don't do premade fights unless there is specifically asked for it.  It comes with hard trainings a lot of sweat and some bruises are inevitable.

When a new gladiator signs up, he first trains himself in unarmed combat aka roman boxing or Pugilatio. After he mastered some basics of unarmed combat we give him the opportunity to become an expert boxer or start mastering the various weapon styles. If he finds a weapon which suits him well his journey of mastering the weapon starts. At a certain point in his carriere he will also get the possibility to show off his skills in the arena during one of the many encampments we do.

Training hours
Our trainings are split in 2 parts:
Boxing and mastering the art of Pugilatio:
Friday - 19h - 20h 30 In Sporthal Nijlen: Gemeentestraat 36a - 2560 Nijlen (Antwerp)

The gladiatura:
Saturday - 11h - 12h 30 Gemeentelijke basisschool Pulle: Kloosterstraat 7 - 2243 Pulle (Antwerp)

For more info send a mail to the lanista

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